"Yeah, really great work - but where the hell did find all these old pictures of me???"
Dean asking me and Franzi where we find all these old pictures of him (via deanogorman-daily)


A dedicated professional. Back at work after a tiring public event half way around the world.  Left pic from facebook (X)  Right pic from UATSC Instagram (X)

"Where are Aidan and Dean? Where are Dumb and Dumber?"
Stephen on how Aidan and Dean managed to get lost while driving a veeery short distance. (via instellisveritas)


Mitchell + Tim in 2.05


HobbitCon 2014 : Toss the Dwarf, Part 2

We went to HobbitCon 2. We will upload all our pictures at THIS site. A vlog will be on our channel soon!


More Toss the Dwarf moments :)


Toss the Dwarf!